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Some of the tutorials below are already quite old, I will update them when I find the time.
I will also concentrate more on making progress videos of my art as you can demonstrate things better there.
In my Video section you can find some timelapse videos of the process of my artwork.


Tutorials - digital art


"Checking the Values of an image"

The values of an image are important for the visual clarity / readability (for a greyscale picture, the pixel value represents the brightness of a pixel).

There is an easy, elegant way in Photoshop to proof the values of your artwork: "Proof Colors", which allows you to switch between your regular view and the color proof (greyscale) by simply pressing CTRL+Y, without actually changing the colors of your file.

Program used: Photoshop CC


"Creating custom brushes in Photoshop"

There are many ways to expand your brush library - downloading free sets, buying brush sets, or creating your own custom ones.

Here is a very simply short tutorial how to create an own custom brush. There are many options in the brush settings to adjust your brush. For all options and detailed explanation, please see the Adobe Website how to create / modify custom brushes.

Program used: Photoshop CC


"Kopi Luwak - work in progress"

From sketch to the final picture. Here are some work in progress screenshots and descriptions how I did my "Kopi Luwak" picture in Photoshop, featuring a civet in the sunny jungle.

Photoshop knowledge would be required for this tutorial.

Program used: Photoshop CS6
Tool: Wacom Cintiq tablet


"Using Masks in Photoshop Tutorial"

How to use masks in Photoshop (a little more detailed than the brief explanation in the "Basic Coloring in Photoshop").

Program used: Photoshop CS3 / CS4
(but it will also work for former versions)


"Scanning and Image Editing Tutorial"

A tutorial about scanning a traditional colored picture and how to prepare your scanned art in Photoshop, like adjusting levels, the different color modes, etc.

Program used: Photoshop CS3
Scanner used: Canon CanoScan 4400F


"Coloring Outlines in Photoshop"

how to color outlines in Photoshop.

As there are different kind of outlines (e.g. flat on a background or seperate on a transparent background), I am showing three different methods how to color them.

Used: Photoshop CS3
(but it will also work for former versions)

Tutorials - Real Media

To be added...